Small Business Consulting

Small Business Consulting

Launching a website coincide usually with the start of a business. Being a growing small business and recognizing the difficulty of starting up, Gideas would volunteer its business expertise and the experience of its executives to help entrepreneurs build up their business babies. We offer our business know-how and entrepreneurship learning curve to help our partners-clients start and maintain their unique business ideas in Canada.

Some of the services we offer to our clients are:

Business Plan Preparation

This is the corner stone of any business and it should reflect that the entrepreneur deeply understands his new idea. A lot of the business plan material fits well for the website with some modifications because the business plan is meant to sell the whole business idea and the website is sought to help sell the associated services or goods.

In addition, the objectives of the business plan should be aligned with the business goals in the first place in order to define potential achievements. Gideas executives would be glad to assist in setting up and preparation of the business plan.


Business Incorporation and Registration

Most entrepreneurs are not familiar with the legal requirements and jurisdiction forms of companies they need to realize their startups. Gideas would offer its free assistance in that matter. Out of our experience, this issue can be a real hassle and needs a lot of time and readings. Gideas would help its clients to get the paper work done in the best possible manner so that the entrepreneur can concentrate on his idea rather than spending expensive time on legalities that can be very expensive and time consuming.