Social Responsability

In our daily life, we do make choices every few seconds. Some of these affect our long business goals and others have an impact on our families and communities; some may reach around the world.

At Gideas, we try our best to tailor our decisions to create value for socially responsible acts and foster sustainable business environment throughout our organization, particularly in the areas of the social welfare, collaborative expression, community investment and poverty fight.

Gideas has offered free services for a wide array of organizations dealing with social causes and we would continue to donate exclusive resources and expertise to any organization in need.

Our simple steps would not change the wind across the world, however, we believe that with the time, people will start to acquire a new paradigm in which the real asset is the human values.

During 2008, Gideas offered its services for various NGOs in Canada, France, and Lebanon. The more we give, the better we collect.